Can you put hot coffee in glass? What you know

Can you put hot coffee in glass

Coffee is wonderful on its own, especially when you’ve just woken up and are yearning for a strong brew, but the coffee served in a nice glass seems to satisfy the want more!

You can come across some stunning web images or videos of handmade coffee served in lovely glasses and be inspired to try making it yourself, but is it safe? Do you know if hot coffee may be placed in a glass?

Can You Put Hot Coffee In Glass? if the answer is yes  Hot coffee can be placed in a glass, but you should only use heat-resistant glassware since otherwise you run the danger of the glass shattering or cracking, which can result in serious harm. To prevent it from breaking, make sure the glass you’re using is heat-resistant. Therefore, continue reading to learn more about when you should and shouldn’t put hot coffee in a glass in order to avoid spilling the beverage all over yourself and having to clean up broken glass.

Can I Put Hot Coffee In Any Glass?

Can you put hot coffee in glass
Can you put hot coffee in glass

You cannot put hot coffee in any glass: You should never pour hot coffee into a glass that is not heat resistant as doing so can cause the glass to break and both the hot coffee and the broken glass can be dangerous.

To prevent thermal shock, which might cause the glass to break, you should make sure the glass is safe to use at high temperatures before you pour hot coffee into it.

When the coffee is hot but the glass is cold, thermal shock happens, and the glass breaks.

Some glass stemware is thin and more prone to fracture when exposed to high temperatures.

For use with hot coffee, there are certain glasses that are heat- and temperature-resistant, but you must first confirm this.

How do I know if I can put hot coffee in a glass?

High temperatures may or may not be able to break the glasses. It will be safe to use in temperatures between -5oC and 65oC / 20°F and 150°F. Any temperature over that will put a conventional glass tumbler at risk of breaking.

High shatter, a stronger and more durable material, is used to make heat-resistant cups. In order to avoid breaking or cracking, you can use them for hot coffee or other hot beverages.

You need to look for a heat-resistant seal on the glass to determine if it is heat-resistant. This will most likely lie beneath the glass’s base. You can safely pour hot coffee into the glass if you see this label.

You shouldn’t attempt to pour hot coffee into a glass if it lacks this heat-resistant seal. since there’s a good chance it’ll shatter, and you don’t want to risk harm or mess by doing so.

What happens if I put hot coffee in the wrong glass?

Coffee that is hot will likely break if poured into a heat-resistant glass. Even if it doesn’t happen often, it only needs to happen once to be harmful (and a big disaster).

The sudden heat will cause the glass to break and hot coffee will flow everywhere. These glasses will react by breaking since they were not made to endure sudden changes in temperature or high temperatures.

Can heat-resistant glass break?

When pouring hot coffee into a glass, heat-resistant glasses are the ideal choice because you can be sure that the glass can withstand the heat, as we explained.

The glass that can withstand heat sometimes breaks, and this happens when the glass undergoes thermal stress.

Thermal Shock and How to Prevent It

Can you put hot coffee in glass
Thermal Shock coffee glass

Thermal shock occurs when the glass is cold or at room temperature and then exposed to high heat from the liquid. This causes the glass to expand very quickly and then break.

There are a few things to do when you pour hot water into a glass to ensure it doesn’t crack. Here are a few ways to avoid heat shock.

Don’t pour fast

Rather than pouring the hot coffee into the glass too soon, do so gently. This avoids heat shock and helps the jar to slowly adjust to the high temperature.

Pour a small amount of hot coffee into the glass, wait a few seconds, then slowly pour the rest.

before use, warm the glass

Thermal shock occurs when glass is at a lower temperature than hot water. so when hot water is poured on glass, the rapid change in temperature can cause cracks.

Before adding the hot water, you can warm the glass to avoid this.

The best method is to clean it with a little tap water, fill it about halfway, and then add some hot water. This will warm the glass and get it ready for the hot drink.

Place a metal spoon in the glass

The addition of such a metal spoon to the glass is one smart method you may apply to prevent heat shock. Because metal is an excellent conductor of heat, it will absorb part of the heat from the hot water and reduce the risk of thermal shock.

Pour the hot coffee over the metal spoon before putting it in the glass so the heat is absorbed before it gets to the glass.

What is the best cup of coffee?

Best cup of coffee
Best cup of coffee

You need to be aware of the best coffee cup if you want to stay away from glass to prevent coffee spills and shattered shards.


It is light, cheap, and very convenient to use this type of cup. But the chemicals used to make plastics react violently when heated objects are passed through them. It also picks up flavors and aromas, which change the flavor and aroma of your coffee

Is ceramic a safe material?

When it comes to sipping hot coffee, ceramics are said to be the greatest choice. Ceramics can hold higher heat (check the cup first) and keep coffee longer than glass.

There is a wide range of ceramic coffee mugs and mugs to choose from. so you can choose the one you like best for your coffee!

Will my coffee stay hot in a glass mug?

Glass is not a good insulator and won’t keep your coffee hot for very long, so you should avoid using a glass cup for hot coffee for this reason as well.

The same is true for glasses that can withstand heat. When you first pour the coffee, it can be hot, but after a while, it will have cooled off and won’t taste as good as when it was lukewarm.

Is stainless steel suitable for hot coffee?

When shopping for a travel mug, stainless steel coffee mugs are the best choice for hot coffee. They are super durable and do not break easily, and can withstand high temperatures.

Your coffee will stay hot for a very long time in stainless steel too!

Can you put hot coffee in a regular glass?

You may put hot coffee in a regular glass, but you should look for a glass that can handle high temperatures without breaking.

Even if you choose heat-resistant glass, you should still pour the coffee into the glass gently. Or warm the cup first to prevent thermal shock, which occurs when the temperature of the glass changes too rapidly and breaks.

Coffee looks great in a glass cup, and the taste of the coffee won’t be impacted by the glass at all. But make sure you pick a glass that will properly handle your hot coffee!

Can you put hot coffee in a Mason jar?

Today, coffee in a Mason jar is a smart and popular option. If you want to recreate it at home you should proceed with caution.

A risk exists that the glass in most mason jars will shatter when exposed to heat. Although you may get away with using hot coffee jars for a while, it’s best to avoid them because there is always a chance that they could break.


The expensive coffee mugs are not accessible to all coffee lovers. A Styrofoam cup is the greatest option because of this. This cup costs little. Additionally, it is designed to keep your coffee hot. Because Styrofoam is not biodegradable, this cup is not good for the environment or your health.


Besides being expensive, stoneware mugs are hard to come by. These cups are unique, durable, won’t chip, and won’t change the taste.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to put hot chocolate in a glass?

Because no glass can contain any heat, I believe it is not safe. Either it will crack or it will break. However, keep in mind that if it breaks, you will probably take the glass fragments. As a result, I wouldn’t dare do that if I were you.

Can you put hot tea in a wine glass?

No.  It is not a good idea to put hot tea in a wine glass, especially if the wine glass does not have a heat-resistant seal. Hot tea can break the glass and you will waste both the tea and your favorite glass of wine!

Can you put a glass in the freezer?

glass in freezer

Yes and no. You can put a glass in the freezer since it doesn’t have a high freezing point, so it can’t actually be frozen, but we don’t recommend leaving the glass in the freezer for too long.

However, you can leave a drinking glass in the freezer for a short time to freeze before using it for a cocktail or cold drink.

You can obviously put most glass storage containers in the freezer, but they tend to be made of tempered glass that can withstand sub-zero temperatures for long periods of time if used correctly.

Why did my glass cup break when I pour hot tea over it?

A glass’s inside surface quickly warms up when hot liquid is poured inside of it. The exterior surface is therefore under stress. Glass does not respond well to stress, therefore if the exterior surface has any minor flaws (such as places where glasses rub against one another on the shelf), a crack might start there.

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