Ninja CM401 coffee maker review

A compact yet potent coffee maker that can meet all of your caffeination demands is the Ninja Specialty CM401. The nicest thing about this coffee maker is that it is not expensive and has a lot of functions.

Find out if the Ninja CM401 is the ideal model for you with our evaluation of it below. For people who enjoy their dosages of caffeine and can’t live without a decent cup of coffee on a daily basis, this is a product they should absolutely give some serious attention to. Read the Ninja CM401 coffee maker review for details so you can find out.

About The Ninja Specialty CM401 Coffee Maker

If you’re wanting a cappuccino, latte, mocha, or any other coffeehouse-style beverage, the Ninja Speciality CM401 is your one-stop shop. Its flexibility is increased by the fact that you have a choice of six brew sizes.

If you’re a stickler for the frothy coffee you receive from your favorite restaurant or café, don’t worry; this coffee maker is fully able to provide you with that look and flavor.

Ninja CM401 coffee maker Overview


  • Brand: Ninja
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 3.1 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 11.99 x 8.75 x 15.04 inches
  • Material:‎ Stainless Steel


  • Easy to set up
  • This makes making lattes incredibly easy
  • It has its own reusable filter
  • There is a FROTHER and 4 settings
  • The buttons work great and are easy to use
  • Cleaning the filter is really easy, and it doesn’t take long to make.


  • This is not a small machine
  • The water reservoir is a little small
  • Hot plates do not keep coffee hot
  • Stop-drip doesn’t always work.

Ninja CM401 coffee maker features

A number of features are included with the Ninja CM401 coffee maker that increases its usefulness. We’ll go through a few of these factors that contribute to its quality as a product.

You may use the Ninja specialty coffee maker to brew in six various sizes, including specialty sizes like travel mugs, single serves, half carafes, and full carafes. There is a smart addition of a cool pull-down platform for single-serve coffee brewing.

There are 4 brew types available for you to choose from including “Over Ice” and “Specialty Brew”. We’ll examine those more closely in a moment. The inclusion of a Delay Brew button, which enables you to set the device to brew automatically at a certain time, is a nice feature.

Some users may like the sliding Drip Stop switch’s ease of use in removing the carafe before the machine has done brewing. I’ll pass on that though since I’m never in a rush enough to drink coffee that hasn’t been fully extracted. But if I were rushing out the door, maybe.

The stylish 12-cup glass carafe has a brew-through top and an ergonomic plastic grip. The Ninja’s warming plate at least modifies the temperature based on how much coffee is in the glass carafe, even though I don’t recommend keeping brewed coffee on a warmer. If you don’t trust the Ninja’s mind, you may also manually program and modify the warmer plate. But who can truly comprehend the thoughts of a cunning ninja?

Ninja CM401 coffee maker Design

The Ninja Specialty CM401 excels well in terms of design aspects. The water tank and the support bar are where the brew group is suspended. This greatly enhances its visual attractiveness.

Due to its translucent surface, which also contributes to its user-friendly design interface, the marks on the tank are entirely visible.

Using this coffee maker is really simple because of its truly inventive control panel. The location of a clock gives you the freedom to decide what time of day you want to prepare your coffee.

The bulk of instructions is provided on the user interface, making it a remarkably simple machine to use. The control panel, for instance, offers two choices: You may adjust the machine with the commands “remain warm” and “delay brew.”

If you wish to postpone brewing the coffee, select the latter option. By selecting the stay warm option, you may keep the coffee warm and prepared for consumption. You may select the amount of coffee you wish to brew with the bottom rotary dial.

There are a total of six brew sizes available to you. Perhaps because the designers really want the custom brew choice to stick out, it is highlighted in the design interface. The name of the coffee maker clearly shows this.

It’s a great coffee maker to operate and navigate because the power button and cleaning option are located at the bottom of the design interface.

Ninja CM401 specialty 10-cup coffee maker Control Panel

The huge control panel of the Ninja is intuitive to operate and neatly put out. As the coffee ninja that I am — I just had to — I usually like to start my coffee machine testing by trying if I can make coffee without consulting the directions. The CM401 didn’t cause me any trouble.

To choose your brew size, from a single cup to a full carafe, there is a satisfyingly substantial Multi-Serve Dial, along with clear controls for each brewing style. It’s simple to set the time, too.

The instructions should be followed, though, if you wish to use the delay brew feature or change the warmer plate settings. Both tasks are simple to do, but you will need to be aware of the correct buttons to press and in what order.

I do not suggest using a warmer plate, please note that. They have the propensity to burn coffee.

What Brew Styles Do the Ninja CM401s Offer?

If you spend more than $100 on a coffee maker, you probably anticipate it to be much better than the gurgling toy you used to have as a kid. That is why Ninja loves to promote its Thermal Flavor Extraction.

The amount of saturation, water temperature, and bloom time are all under the control of this automated brewing method. Amazing, wow really? Actually, for a coffee maker, this is rather advanced.

The ground coffee is first moistened during a brew cycle, allowing carbon dioxide to escape. The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker maintains a constant water temperature to ensure a well-balanced extraction while equally moistening the grounds as more water is poured into the brew basket.

The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker does gurgle, which is good news for those of you who love nostalgia, even if the device is generally rather quiet. You’ll notice a message flash across the control screen and hear a muffled beep when your coffee is prepared.

Rich Brew vs Classic

Rich Brew and Classic are two distinct coffee brewing styles.

Rich Brew, also known as strong coffee, is characterized by its full-bodied and robust flavor. This is achieved by using a higher coffee-to-water ratio and a longer extraction time. The result is a stronger and more intense cup of coffee with a bold taste profile.

Classic brewing, on the other hand, is a more traditional and balanced method. It involves using a standard coffee-to-water ratio and a moderate extraction time to produce a smooth and well-rounded cup of coffee. The flavor profile is not as intense as that of a Rich Brew but is still flavorful and satisfying.

In conclusion, both Rich Brew and Classic brewing styles have their unique characteristics and it all comes down to personal preference. Whether you prefer a strong and bold cup of coffee or a smooth and well-balanced one, these two brewing styles have got you covered.

Over Ice coffee make

A coffee machine called the Ninja speciatyCM401 coffee maker is made exclusively to brew coffee that may be served over ice. The “Over Ice” brewing option on this coffee maker is designed to brew coffee directly over ice, giving you consistently precisely cold coffee that is enjoyable to drink.

With its advanced brewing technology, the Ninja CM401 can produce a smooth and well-balanced cup of coffee with a rich flavor profile. The coffee maker has an auto-iQ One-Touch Intelligence feature that ensures optimal and consistent brewing for a better coffee experience.

The Ninja CM401 not only has the Over Ice brewing option, but it also has other brewing modes, such as Classic Brew, Rich Brew, and Specialty Brew, that let you make your coffee to your preferred flavor. The coffee maker also comes with a built-in hot and cold frother that can be used to make lattes, cappuccinos, and other specialty drinks.

As a result, the Ninja CM401 Over Ice coffee maker is a versatile and useful device that makes it simple to have a properly made and cold cup of coffee without the hassle of having to freeze the coffee or add ice later. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or simply looking for a refreshing coffee drink, the Ninja CM401 coffee maker is a great choice.

Ninja CM401 Specialty Brew function

The Ninja CM401 is a coffee maker with such a “Specialty Brew” setting among its many brewing options to fit different taste preferences.

The Specialty Brew feature was created with the express purpose of brewing coffee with a taste profile that is robust and rich, much like specialty coffee shops. This is achieved by using a higher coffee-to-water ratio and a longer extraction time, resulting in a strong and flavorful cup of coffee.

You may tailor your coffee to your preferences with the Ninja CM401’s various brewing modes, which include Classic Brew, Rich Brew, and Over Ice Brew, in addition to the Specialty Brew feature.

The coffee maker also comes with a built-in hot and cold frother that can be used to make lattes, cappuccinos, and other specialty drinks. The frother can be used to create perfectly frothed milk for a creamy and smooth coffee experience.

For those who want a robust and rich cup of coffee, the Ninja CM401’s Specialty Brew mode is a fantastic choice. With its advanced brewing technology and versatile brewing modes, the Ninja CM401 coffee maker is a great choice for those who want to enjoy a delicious and high-quality coffee experience at home.

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker Milk Foam

With the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker milk frother, I was more than ready to put my barista abilities to the test. The reviews I’d read about the Ninja coffee maker said that this product was excellent. The outcomes, I must admit, were fairly convincing.

It features advanced brewing technology and a built-in milk frother, allowing you to easily create café-style drinks at home. The coffee maker is flexible and simple to operate since it offers a variety of brewing settings and can fit various cup sizes.

I heated the milk on the fire in a Turkish coffee pot, or ibrik, and started to froth it. The whisk required some practice to master, and my earliest trials produced mounds of pillowy foam. After persevering, I managed to produce some quite nice microfoam.

The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is excellent if you want to be able to approximate a cappuccino or latte with your coffee maker. Silky smooth froth is easily produced with the whisk, and the 4-ounce Specialty Brew delightfully cuts through the milk.

though, forget about the latte art. Because you can’t create espresso with the Ninja CM401 coffee maker, there isn’t any crema to be seen, so you won’t be surprising your friends with rosettas and swans. Sorry!

The Ninja Speciality Coffee Maker is a terrific option whether you prefer specialty beverages or are just looking for a quick and simple way to make them.

Ninja Speciality CM401 coffee maker without pods

The Ninja CM401 is a coffee maker that is designed to brew coffee without the use of pods. This coffee maker features a multi-serve basket, a customizable brew size, and advanced thermal flavor extraction technology. It also has a built-in hot and iced coffee maker, and a built-in frother for creating lattes and cappuccinos. With its advanced features and versatility, the Ninja CM401 is a great option for coffee drinkers who want to enjoy their favorite beverages without the waste and added cost of single-use pods.

My Verdict

The Ninja CM401 coffee maker is a well-designed and efficient coffee maker, offering a range of features and capabilities to meet the needs of coffee lovers. With its intuitive controls, durable construction, and consistent brewing performance, this coffee maker is a great choice for those looking to make delicious coffee at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Ninja coffee makers any good?

Yes, Ninja coffee makers are generally considered to be good and are well-received by many consumers. They are known for their efficient brewing performance, user-friendly controls, and durable construction. Many models offer versatile brewing options and a range of features that make it easy to produce high-quality coffee at home. Overall, Ninja coffee makers are a solid choice for those in the market for a new coffee maker.

Can the Ninja CM401 make espresso?

Yes, you can create espresso with the Ninja, but the quality won’t be as nice as with a genuine espresso maker. The Ninja is a multipurpose device that is capable of many tasks, but it will fall short of an espresso machine in terms of quality.

How many cups is the Ninja CM401?

Ninja CM401 Specialty 10-Cup Coffee Maker, Black, Fold-Away Frother, Built-In Water Reservoir, 4 Brew Styles for Ground Coffee The highly rated, affordably priced goods that are currently in stock are highlighted by Amazon’s Choice. 50 ounces.

Is the Ninja good for grinding coffee?

Yes, it is the solution. Ninja blenders have the power to swiftly and uniformly ground coffee beans. Simply add your beans to the blender, and pulse until you have the consistency you want.

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